Aspects. Waleed Al Marhoum

About the Artist

Waleed Al Marhoum started to practice photography at the end of 2004 using a traditional camera. Today, he captures his images in digital format creating unique landscapes from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is evident in his photographs that Waleed loves nature. He focuses often on the rough beauty and simplicity of the Saudi environment which he knows so well. sing different photographic techniques, he excels at capturing essences of craggy mountains, sandy shores or wide deserts plains with a still camera and video.

He participated in several collective exhibitions both inside the Kingdom and overseas.

“Aspects” is his 3rd solo exhibition at L’Art Pur Gallery.

About the exhibition

Written by Photographer Sami Nabeel.

I am privileged to introduce Waleed Marhoum new exhibition Aspects. The two most appropriate words that come to mind in describing Waleed’s approach to his art are Sensitivity and Accuracy, Waleed’s first love as a young boy was calligraphy and to date it is still a counter balance and food for his soul when he needs to step back from his love for photography, echos of lines, curves and the precision in the art of calligraphy have all found their path into the way Waleed sees the world.

Light is an essential element in making any image but by no means the only one; subject matter, form and structure all play a major role in the making of a photograph. Waleed’s art can be summed up as a marriage between light to subject; the marriages Waleed consummate are never forced but coexist harmoniously therefore the resulting works are lifted form literal interpretation to more personal statements; I am certain that the audience of this wonderful exhibition will agree with me that these photographs are made and not merrily taken by Waleed.


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