Cabinets of Curiosities. Dany Leriche

About the Artist and the Exhibition

Dany Leriche is one of these people who give birth to dreams that belong to other times. She is a prolific and generous conqueror and traveler officiating in a travelling laboratory within which the pleasures of experimenting and making discoveries are linked to hard work that is given a fresh start every day. When she is not in Greece, Cuba, Mali or Dogon country, Dany appears where we do not necessarily expect her and presents us with some fragments of her dreams, some composite elements of her fecund imagination. L’Art Pur Gallery exhibits the sketches of her graphic research that she began in 2006 and kept secret till recently. We can consider this exhibition of drawings as a record of an imaginary anthropological itinerary while it also raises some questions about origins, hybridization, masks and emblems. Her portraits are sketched in pencil: They are reminiscences of a world beyond our world in which temporalities overlap; they constitute the fragmented prologue of a story that has to be reconstructed and that could well start with Once upon a time…

This serial production shows-among other creatures- mutating faces with a variety of attributes (hairs, claws, slime , scales), a profile that looks as proud as a peacock, the face of a lady cum frog, a tormented Venus, a weasel-like mug, birds cum head-gears as well as statuary faces bringing together velvet crabs and a pair of rabbits or pigeons. Here human skulls coexist with shrieking lynxes, wide-lunged sea horses with strange silver-scaled fish.

As the result of this imaginary excursion, this exhibition plunges us – drawing after drawing- into a graphic allegory. Perhaps Dany Leriche’s intention is to reveal to us a coded message via the visit of her ark? Her traveling husband, Jean-Michel Fickinger is never far away. Look carefully; among the numerous references to Art history, you may spot him in one of the portraits that are shown here…

Lolita M’Gouni, Paris


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