5 Senses – Contemporary Islamic Art. Ismail Acar

About the Exhibition

This contemporary Islamic art exhibition entitled “5 Senses – Contemporary Islamic Art” by artist Ismail Acar is unique in that it addresses all the senses:  the sense of Touch, Taste, Smell and Hearing, and does not focus exclusively on Sight.

The aim of the exhibition is to contrast between reality and perception in Visual modern arts as well as reach new and different experiences. Its approach which takes into consideration the visually impaired seeks to clarity and revive the meanings emanating from Islamic Thought such as Power, Love, Blessing, Purity and Beauty according to contemporary artistic methods based on the senses.

About the Artist

Ismail Acar is a Turkish artist who is renowned worldwide and whose distinctive trait lies in presenting his artwork in a style which portrays classical depiction within the framework of Islamic Thought.


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