Collective Art Exhibition. Emerging Saudi Artists

About the Artist. Ebtisam Al Mutlaq

ASI Graduate 2011

Recent Exhibitions:

  • Scope Miami Beach, Miami, 2013
  • “The Story of the Creative” an International exhibition, New York 2013
  • ASI & Swarovski “kingdom of Jewels”, 2012 at L’Art Pur Gallery Riyadh.

Artwork purchased by:

  • Private Collectors
    Belgium Embassy in Riyadh
    Swedish Embassy Saudi
    Arabian Society for Culture and Arts
    Saudi Embassy Washington

There Is Only One Truth

In every aspect in life whether it’s deeply personal or universal, no matter the situation might be, the analyzations, opinions and thoughts, united or apart all these threads will lead to different ways, to different answers. but there is only one truth waiting to be found…

About the Artist. Noorah Kareem

ASI Graduate 2009

Recent Exhibitions:

  • Riyadh fashion days 2013 Autumn/Winter, Maison BO-M, Riyadh.
  • “New Look ” Shop – Fall & Winter Collection, Maison BO-M, Riyadh 2013
  • “Glow Glam Girl”, Maison BO-M, Riyadh 2013
  • Unstitched, Naila Gallery, Riyadh. 2013
  • Loud Art , Desert Design Gallery, Al Kobar 2013
  • Young Saudi Artist 2013, Athr Gallery, Jeddah 2013
  • ASI & Swarovski “Kingdom of Jewels”, 2012 at L’Art Pur Gallery Riyadh


  • Qamar Ahmed, owner of Desert Design
  • Princess Adwa Bint Yazeed
  • Princess Maha Bint Fahad Al Saud
  • Raneem Farisi & Private collections in Saudi Arabia, USA and Australia.

Awards and Grants:

  • 2011 Fourth place winner in “Saudis Most Competitive Youth ”Competition”Create and Inspire” – wining a trip to the UK for two weeks.
  • 2011 First place Winner In the “The Fourth Festival of Creativity competition” King Saud University.

The body of work

“Projection Perfection”

A sarcastic observation of the media, magazines in particular. Playing with the thought of how life could have been different if the media was different

“Selfie ”

An observation of young portraits.

About the Artist. Tarfa Fahad Al Saud

ASI Graduate 2011

Recent Exhibitions:

  • Mostly Visible Exhibition 2013– Jeddah
  • Polish embassy charity auction in Riyadh 2013
  • Pop Goes Riyadh 2011 , The Globe -Faisaliah
  • (Reflections) 2011 Women in Art – National Museum
  • Autism Charity Exhibition 2011


  • 1st Prize winner – ASI & Swarovski Competition 2012
  • 2nd Prize winner – (L’Art Pur gallery) photography Competition 2011

The body of work

My artwork aims to express this complexity of human emotions that resides within each of us, to reach deeply ourselves and find what it would look like if we could see that intangible things called emotions. Focusing on the first impression that we get from a situation and the impact that affects us is the philosophy of my work.

The Carrom

As Saudi children, we were brought up with the notion that the old but still very popular game known as is culture and that its origin would lead back to our ancestors. However, contrary to what many of us may believe, the “Carrom” was actually originated in India; this leaves us with a moment to observe where do we stand as a culture.

We’re not trying to answer questions, but it’s an attempt to raise them.

Artists. Dalal Al Ashaikh & Ghada AlOsaimi


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