Magic of Light. Waleed Al Marhoum

About the Artist

Waleed Al Marhoum started to practice photography at the end of 2004 using a traditional camera. Today, he captures his images in digital format creating unique landscapes from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is evident in his photographs that Waleed loves nature. He focuses often on the rough beauty and simplicity of the Saudi environment which he knows so well. sing different photographic techniques, he excels at capturing essences of craggy mountains, sandy shores or wide deserts plains with a still camera and video.

He participated in several collective exhibitions both inside the Kingdom and overseas.

“Magic of Light” is his 2nd solo exhibition.

About the exhibition

Light and illumination are the basics of photography. The word “photography” comes from a Greek word and means “drawing with light”.
Without light, there is no illumination. You can’t see a thing. The direction and intensity of light affect shapes, colors and the way we perceive things.

“Magic of Light” is a series of Landscapes inside and outside Saudi Arabia captured by the artist photographer Waleed Al Marhoum showcasing how the light wonderfully carves and shapes the elements of nature. When the light reflects on a tree, a stone or a rock it increases its beauty and transforms it into a piece of art.

The artist photographer Waleed Al Marhoum captures these precious moments with the creative eye of a painter and a sculptor inspired by the lines and shapes drawn and sculpted by the light and transformed magically into portraits, silhouettes or abstract paintings.


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