Visual Poetry. Laetitia De Clercq

About the exhibition

For her new pieces, the artist was interested in a search for an emotional rhythm, a visual poetry similar to the lyrics of a musical piece.

The reading process happens between the lines, combining elements from the vertical and horizontal aspects and features loops which make up bodies of signs and the connecting links between them. Signs may be joined together or stand alone.

Each artwork can be viewed vertically or horizontally.

The emblematic use of this sign system (=lyrics) refers to the traditional domains of drawing, writing, painting and architecture:

  • Drawing by the use of oil pastel/soft pastels
  • Writing by the use of black and yellow earth inks
  • Painting and paper cut-outs – use of acrylics and silk paper cut-outs that introduce elements of colours and transparency with reference to the French artist Henri Matisse
  • Architecture by the use of construction materials such as cement that gives the canvas a more sculptural aspect.

The introduction of gold (here by the use of gold paper and gold aluminium) that gives the work of art a shiny, warm and rich character that represents the reflection of the Arabian sunlight.

The language of silk paper bubble shaped cut-outs are also very present and convey the idea of a very playful and dreamlike world. They sit or partly cover the language of signs leaving the signs breathing and translucent.

Each work of art communicates the idea of a small, independent laboratory of beautiful artistic improvisation and colour. Artistic realities here could be defined as intercultural and a laboratory of tongues or interwoven signs.

Finally, it is for the audience to discover this secretive world that lets your dream take flight.

About the Artist

Belgian artist, Laetitia De Clercq (b.1980) lives and works in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She graduated in 2004 with a BA Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins in London. Solo and group exhibitions include The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, Piccadilly Circus, London, UK, Dexia Bank Exhibition, Brussels, Belgium, The London Arts Club, London, UK, Flanders Gallery, Knokke , Belgium.


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