Rhythm of Nature. Waleed Al Marhoum

About the Artist

Waleed Al Marhoum started to practice photography at the end of 2004 using a traditional camera. Today, he captures his images in digital format creating unique landscapes from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is evident in his photographs that Waleed loves nature. He focuses often on the rough beauty and simplicity of the Saudi environment which he knows so well. sing different photographic techniques, he excels at capturing essences of craggy mountains, sandy shores or wide deserts plains with a still camera and video.

He participated in several collective exhibitions both inside the Kingdom and overseas.

“Rhythm of Nature” is his first solo exhibition.

About the exhibition

This exhibition is a journey which Waleed Al Marhoum invites us to take with him to discover enchanting images he found hidden from view. He makes us see each scene through his eyes hoping we notice the rhythm and harmony of artistic expression. He takes photographs as a poet or painter or a musician might compose a symphony which is as varied as the nature in Saudi Arabia itself. Although he travels throughout the Kingdom focusing on well known sites, he brings his own world into these images making us interact deeply with rhythms of nature. Some images display abundance of details and other are stunning reflection of hidden places.

Waleed Al Marhoum photography shows his individual style and deep emotional connection to his work. “Rhythm of Nature” exhibition is divided into groups of “Rhythms” with each expressing a particular vision.

  • Gray Rhythm: Represents seeing things abstractly leading the viewer to reflect on spirituality.
  • Blue Rhythm: Opens a road to serenity of a blue sky or a quiet vision of tranquil waters.
  • Yellow Rhythm: Defines golden tones reflecting warmth and energy.
  • Red Rhythm: Relates harsh desert views scorched by sun yet exciting and challenging.

We hope you enjoy this journey which opens a door to fine art photography and the artistic vision of Waleed Al Marhoum.


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