About L'Art Pur Gallery

L’Art Pur Gallery is one of the largest art galleries in the Middle East. Designed in a museum style, 540 m2 of exhibition space divided in three halls highly equipped with lighting and sound system, It is located in the heart of Riyadh city on Takhassusi street.

Being one of the first contemporary art galleries in the country, L’ArtPur Gallery has sponsored and showcased Saudi and international artists since its beginnings. The gallery program is completed by holding exhibitions of a high standard in collaboration with embassies, art institutions and industry, organizing art events, annual competitions, art workshops and seminars.

About the owner

Princess Adwa Yazid bin Abdallah Al Saud, being artist herself and being part of Saudi Art community sponsoring and organizing art exhibitions, She founded L’Art Pur Gallery in 1999, in order to nurture this creative environment and help young Saudi talented artists to develop their creativity as well as to support and showcase exhibitions of high standard for renowned Saudi artists and other artists from outside the Kingdom.
She founded in 2007 an art school, the first in Saudi Arabia to deliver 2 Australian curriculums: 2 years Diploma in Visual Arts and 2 years Diploma in Fashion Design.
Arts and Skills Institute (ASI) is located on the first floor in the same building of L’Art Pur Gallery and gained already its reputation to educate students in a very updated and creative system, so far, unique in the Kingdom.

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Floor Plan of L'Art Pur Gallery

Gallery Floor Plan

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Princess Adwa's Philosophy

From the book Contemporary Kingdom. The Saudi art scene now.

In 2007, the L’Art Pur Gallery space was founded alongside the Arts and Fashion Institute, which allows women to enrol in courses in visual arts and fashion design, offered in conjunction with the Box Hill Institute in Australia.The two-storey building in central Riyadh now houses the gallery space on the first floor and the Institute on the second in an area that covers 540 square metres of exhibition space. “L’Art Pur’s Arts and Skills Institute emerged from the severe lack of art schools in Saudi Arabia though there is a very positive energy surrounding the field in the Kingdom, which people are appreciating more,” explains Princess Adwa Bint Yazid Al-Saud, the gallery’s owner and manager. “That said, being an artist is still not easy and artists should have more support in order to encourage them to produce and represent the cultural image of their country.”
L’Art Pur Gallery has since expanded its services to stage exhibitions for international artists and works closely with the Institute by giving students the opportunity to display their work during graduation shows, with the first staged in July 2009 featuring the Institute’s initial batch of fashion and art graduates. In terms of its programming, the gallery selects emerging and established Saudi artists for solo and group exhibitions while shows by visiting artists are held in collaboration with their respective embassies.
L’Art Pur Gallery maintains an openness with regard to the art that it presents and does not have any limitations pertaining to styles or techniques. “We are very selective in terms of exhibition contení as we are keen on showcasing quality rather than quantity,” says Princess Adwa.
The gallery has been organising workshops, lectures and competitions, namely ¡ts annual themed photography show. It continúes to collaborate with embassies and has worked with the French, Germán and Japanese delegations on various creative endeavours.”We like to work closely with embassies in order to exchange and introduce the Kingdom to the cultural aspects of other countries,” says Princess Adwa.

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